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dark, blurry photos of people, bicycles and food.


SOO HOTT recap (gallery)

6.22.2007 by mstyer

click on the photos for a gallery of ben and my photos from the alleycat. thanks for ben and kurt for organizing this one (they are the ones in dresses front and center).

here are some words from ben:

The weather tried to cooperate saturday giving us the semblance of a hot day on which to enjoy such a HOT event. At least it was hot enough to enjoy a refreshing dip in the kiddy pool for one fortunate (or unfortunate, i failed to perform a post event survey) alleycatter. Thankfully many dressed the part, some wearing bikini tops (albeit men) and other costumes ranging from hotly colored garb to summer wear to drag. The group (a strong 38 riders or so) made successful stops at kleins, cassco ice and cold storage, the fire department, the jmu incinerator and even got wet and muddy on the slip and slide, some having to avoid a barrage of water balloons from concealed locations. a good time was had at the hot dog cookout afterwards at stonehouse where riders brought back their scavenged goods and some recovered from their encounter with blazing HOT buffalo wings with cold beers. Due to minor logistical issues a group ride was organized to collect the DFL and winners jerseys and the crowning of winners and losers was done at kurt's house. winning in extremely HOT fashion was the tandem of Ben Wise and crew. DFL was awarded to kaytea thompson (source of many a scandalous outfit.) All in all, a very fun and extremely HOT alleycat.

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j Wieb-J said...

so looking through all of the pics (which are good as always. gotta love the announcing results photos) I realized how much I miss everyone and look forward to being with many of you again.

Gella said...

You write very well.