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dark, blurry photos of people, bicycles and food.


Cops and Robbers Alleycat! May 19th

5.15.2007 by mstyer


Rocktown Needs Your Help!!!
The Greater Rocktown PD has reported a recent spate of criminal activity and it needs Your Help to once again make the Neighborhood safe for Our Law-Abiding Citizens! On Saturday May 19th, strap on your badges* and saddle your steeds, and meet at Court Square at 8pm to Ride the Streets in pursuit of Justice!

Remember - only with Your Participation can we ensure the night ends with a Guilty Party!

When: 8pm, Saturday May 19th
Where: Court Square
What: your smiling face + the rest of you, a bike, $2 and a pen (helmets, lights and costumes highly encouraged)
What fer: Cops and Robbers Alleycat! er, Justice!

* But Wait! There is no such thing as victimless crime, and *somebody* can always be fingered with the blame...Victims and Perps also Welcome!!!

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by mstyer

trexlertown swap meet, fancy man dinner, new lens
plus an extra special bonus gallery of feel good photos of friends and family at graduation

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by mstyer

found this on my camera

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